Sunday, July 31, 2022

Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show I

Please enter by 4:00 PM the day before you plan to show.

Upper Work Area
Lunging only until 10:00 AM
water & drag
10:30 AM open for flat work and jumping

Livestream by available on

***All Times Are Approximate***
Please check in with your ingate
Scratches affect time estimates

Wheeler Arena - 8:00 AM
Class # Class Name Entries Start Time Finish Time Class Info
133 pPlatinum Performance / USEF Show Jumping Talent Search 1*38:00 AM8:10 AM Entries Order Results
course walk8:20 AM8:25 AM
104 pWIHS Equitation Jumper Phase 3'6"88:25 AM8:45 AM Entries Order Results
course walk8:50 AM9:00 AM
153 p$1,000 Low Ch/Ad Jumper Classic 1.0m II.2(ab)179:05 AM10:15 AM Entries Order Results
course walk10:25 AM10:35 AM
148 p^$1,500 Ch/AdJpr Classic 1.10m II.2(a)910:40 AM11:10 AM Entries Order Results
course change / water & drag11:20 AM11:35 AM
course walk11:35 AM11:50 AM
157Leadline sponsored by Marilyn & Ed Merrit711:50 AM12:05 PM Entries Results
152 p$15,000 Russell Hall Memorial Jumper Classic 1.30m II.2(a) sponsored by The Rein Family1312:15 PM1:05 PM Entries Order Results
800EAF Grooms Grand Prix sponsored by Missy Luczak-Smith & Doug Smith111:15 PM1:40 PM Entries Results
course change / water & drag1:45 PM2:15 PM
course walk2:15 PM2:35 PM
403 p$15,000 Kathryn G Clark Memorial Challenge of Champions sponsored by Caroline Clark, Neill & Chip Sites, and Burr Collier
round 1 - heights high to low222:45 PM4:10 PM Entries Order Results
round 2 - heights low to high124:15 PM5:00 PM

p - Posted Order of Go PDF on

^ - NAL & WIHS

Outside Ring - 8:00 AM
Class # Class Name Entries Start Time Finish Time Class Info
57Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 u/s128:00 AM8:10 AM Entries Results
55, 56 *Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 3'128:15 AM9:40 AM Entries Results
401 ^$1,000 Adult Hunter Classic 18-35 3'11open w/ Ad Htr 18-35 Entries Results
62Adult Amateur Hunter 36-49 u/s69:50 AM10:00 AM Entries Results
water & drag10:00 AM10:15 AM
60, 61 *Adult Amateur Hunter 36-49 3'610:15 AM10:55 AM Entries Results
103Adult Amateur Hunter 50+ u/s1111:00 AM11:10 AM Entries Results
101, 102 *Adult Amateur Hunter 50+ 3'1111:15 AM12:20 PM Entries Results
401.2 ^$1,000 Adult Hunter Classic 36+ 3'11open w/ Ad Htr 36+ Entries Results
water & drag12:30 PM12:45 PM
301- 303Opp Walk/ Trot/ Canter Eq, Pleasure, u/s112:45 PM1:00 PM Entries Results
109Short Stirrup Hunter u/s71:00 PM1:10 PM Entries Results
109.1Long Stirrup Hunter u/s21:10 PM1:20 PM Entries Results
107, 108Short Stirrup Hunter 2'71:20 PM~ Entries Results
107.1, 108.1Long Stirrup Hunter 2'2~1:55 PM Entries Results
414, 415BRCH Special Hunter 2'71:55 PM2:30 PM Entries Results
416BRCH Special Hunter u/s72:30 PM2:40 PM Entries Results

* - Stake

^ - NAL & WIHS

Classes end at scheduled finish times. Time estimates allow for a reasonable amount of time to complete classes with the number of entries entered before the cutoff. If entries remain after the scheduled finish time, it will be Management's discretion if remaining entries will compete or if the Judge's cards will be signed at that time.

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  • When Do I Go? creates time estimates based on class entries received in the horse show office by the cutoff time the day before
  • Time estimates DO NOT update throughout the show day
  • Late adds and scratches will affect time estimates
  • All times are estimates and are subject to change without notice
  • Management reserves the right to move, reschedule, or cancel classes due to circumstances that may interfere with the show.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - please check in often with your ingate staff throughout the day to confirm estimated times

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