PSJ Agenda ~ Sunday, June 10, 2018 ~ PSJ Mullet Hall Summer Classic

PSJ Agenda

Sunday, June 10, 2018

PSJ Mullet Hall Summer Classic

Time estimates based on number of class entries received by 5pm the prior day

*All Times Are Approximate*

Main Ring - 7:15am

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
101. 102Pre-Green Hunter 2'3"107:15 AM8:15 AM
103Pre-Green Hunter u/s138:20 AM8:30 AM
104, 105Hopeful Hunter 2'6"148:35 AM10:00 AM
106Hopeful Hunter u/s1310:05 AM10:15 AM
129, 130Performance Htr 2'9',3',3'3",3'6"510:15 AM10:50 AM
131Performance Hunter u/s510:55 AM11:05 AM
12112-17 Equitation Flat711:10 AM11:20 AM
water & drag11:20 AM11:35 AM
12212-17 Equitation 3', 2'6"711:35 AM~
184**Veredus PSJ Junior Medal 3'7~~
186**Palmetto Junior Medal 3'6~12:35 PM
188**NCHJA Children's Medal 2'9"0Needs 4 to fill
156, 157Children's Hunter 2'9"312:45 PM1:05 PM
158Children's Hunter u/s31:10 PM1:20 PM
113Adult Equitation Flat31:25 PM1:35 PM
185**Veredus PSJ Adult Medal 2'9"2Needs 3 to fill
114Adult Equitation 2'9"4Open w/ Adult Htr
115, 116Adult Hunter 2'9"51:40 PM2:25 PM
117Adult Hunter u/s42:30 PM2:40 PM

** - association membership required

Ring 2 - 7am

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
146Pre-Ch/Ad Equitation Flat107:00 AM7:10 AM
150Pre-Ch/Ad Hunter u/s107:10 AM7:20 AM
147Pre-Ch/Ad Equitation 2'6"10Open w/ Pre Ch/Ad Htr
504**Veredus PSJ Mini-Medal 2'6"4Open w/ Pre Ch/Ad Htr
148, 149Pre-Ch/Ad Hunter 2'6"107:25 AM9:05 AM
183**Veredus PSJ Pny Mdl 2',2'3",2'9"5Open w/ Pony Htr
187**Palmetto Pony Mdl 2',2'3",2'9"1Needs 3 to fill
162, 163Pony Hunter 2', 2'3", 2'9"79:10 AM10:15 AM
164Pony Hunter u/s710:15 AM10:25 AM
132Short Stirrup Equitation Flat1410:30 AM10:40 AM
137Short Stirrup Hunter u/s1410:40 AM10:50 AM
water & drag10:50 AM11:05 AM
133Short Stirrup Equitation 2'14Open w/ SS Htr
134**Veredus PSJ Mini-Medal 2'14Open w/ SS/LS Htr
135, 136Short Stirrup Hunter 2'1411:05 AM1:35 PM
13811 & Under Equitation Flat31:40 PM1:50 PM
13911 & Under Equitation31:55 PM2:05 PM
140Long Stirrup Equitation Flat62:10 PM2:20 PM
145Long Stirrup Hunter u/s62:20 PM2:30 PM
142Long Stirrup Equitation 2'6Open w/ LS Htr
143, 144Long Stirrup Hunter 2'62:35 PM3:30 PM

** - association membership required

Ring 3 - 7:30am

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
302Hopeful Jumper .75m II.2b0Did not fill
339.80 Meter Jumper II.2b27:30 AM7:40 AM
course walk7:45 AM7:50 AM
304Progressive Rdr Jpr .80m II.2b17:55 AM8:00 AM
course walk8:05 AM8:10 AM
305Progressive Rdr Jpr .80m II.118:15 AM8:20 AM
course walk8:25 AM8:30 AM
311Low Schooling Jpr .90m II.2b18:35 AM8:40 AM
course walk8:45 AM8:50 AM
3411.00 Meter Jumper II.118:55 AM9:00 AM
3421.00 Meter Jumper II.2b0Did not fill
course walk9:05 AM9:10 AM
314Ch/Ad Jumper 1.00m II.2b29:15 AM9:25 AM
course walk9:30 AM9:35 AM
400Ch/Ad Jumper 1.00m II.2ab29:40 AM9:50 AM
course walk9:55 AM10:00 AM
317High Schooling Jpr 1.05m II.2b210:05 AM10:15 AM
course change/water & drag10:20 AM10:40 AM
168Leadline410:45 AM10:55 AM
169Walk-Trot u/s610:55 AM11:00 AM
170Walk-Trot Pleasure611:00 AM11:05 AM
171Walk-Trot Equitation611:05 AM11:10 AM
172Walk-Trot Canter u/s411:10 AM11:20 AM
173Walk-Trot Canter Pleasure411:20 AM11:30 AM
174Walk-Trot Canter Equitation411:30 AM11:40 AM
178Pessoa Crossrails Eq Flat1111:40 AM11:50 AM
182Pessoa Crossrails Hunter u/s1011:50 AM12:00 PM
179.1Pessoa Crossrails w/u 18"3Open w/ Crossrails Htr
179Pessoa Crossrails Eq 18"11Open w/ Crossrails Htr
180, 182Pessoa Crossrails Hunter 18"1012:05 PM1:30 PM

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2018 PSJ Mullet Hall Summer Classic

2018 PSJ Mullet Hall Summer Classic