PSJ Agenda ~ Saturday, April 28, 2018 ~ Aiken Spring Classic Finale

PSJ Agenda

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Aiken Spring Classic Finale

Time estimates based on number of class entries received by 5pm the prior day

*All Times Are Approximate*

3pm - Emerson Burr Horsemanship Quiz

USHJA Foundation Benefit Horseless Horse Show to follow Grand Prix
Hosted by
USHJA Foundation Youth Committee
Sponsored by
Robin Greenwood & G.C. Ponies

4pm - BBQ - Aiken Classic Club
Catered by Pot Smoker BBQ
Sponsored by Oak Manor Saddlery

Grand Prix Field - 8am

Ring Sponsor: Purina

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
243Med/Low Jr/Am Jpr 1.25m II.2b78:00 AM8:35 AM
course walk8:35 AM8:40 AM
244Med/Low Jr/Am Jpr 1.25m II.168:45 AM9:10 AM
course walk9:10 AM9:15 AM
234Child/Adult Jpr 1.10m II.2b59:20 AM9:40 AM
course walk9:40 AM9:45 AM
235Child/Adult Jpr 1.10m II.2c59:50 AM10:10 AM
course walk10:20 AM10:25 AM
211.95m Jumper II.1710:30 AM10:55 AM
course walk10:55 AM11:00 AM
230Low Ch/Ad Jpr 1.00m II.2b1311:05 AM12:05 PM
course walk12:05 PM12:10 PM
231Low Ch/Ad Jpr 1.00m II.2c1212:15 PM1:10 PM
course walk1:10 PM1:15 PM
201Pony Jumper 1.10m II.2b11:20 PM1:25 PM
course change1:30 PM2:30 PM
course walk2:45 PM3:30 PM
601Grooms Class - Jumper13:30 PM3:45 PM
600Leadline23:45 PM3:55 PM
254$25,000 Carolina Real Estate Company Grand Prix Regional Standard II.2a In Memory of Miriam J "Ricky" Bushnell154:00 PM5:20 PM

Dietrich Derby Field - 8am

Ring Sponsor: Equine Divine

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
357WIHS Hunter Phase 3'6"38:00 AM8:10 AM
173.1Open HunterOpen w/ Divisions
56, 57HJunior/AO Hunter 3'6"68:15 AM9:25 AM
60Junior/AO Hunter 3'6" u/s69:30 AM9:40 AM
350Dover/USEF Medal 3'6"49:45 AM10:05 AM
354 **ASPCA Maclay 3'6"2Needs 3 to fill
360 **NCHJA EJ Haun 3'6", 3'3"3Needs 4 to fill
323NCEA Junior Medal 3'3"210:15 AM10:25 AM
351USEF Adult Medal 3'3"1Needs 6 to fill
water & drag10:35 AM10:50 AM
270, 271HJunior/AO Hunter 3'3"1010:50 AM12:45 PM
274Junior/AO Hunter 3'3" u/s1012:50 PM1:00 PM

Ring 2 - 8:15am

Ring Sponsor: The Carolinas Equestrian

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
173.2Open HunterOpen w/ Divisions
71, 72Adult Hunter 18-35 3'58:15 AM~
76, 77Adult Hunter 36+ 3'5~9:35 AM
75Adult Hunter 18-35 u/s59:35 AM9:45 AM
80Adult Hunter 36+ u/s59:45 AM9:55 AM
370 **NCHJA Children's Medal 3'0Needs 4 to fill
41, 42Children's Hunter 14 & U 3'710:00 AM~
46, 47Children's Hunter 15-17 3'3~11:20 AM
45Children's Hunter 14 & U u/s711:20 AM11:30 AM
50Children's Hunter 15-17 u/s311:30 AM11:40 AM
355THIS Children's Medal 3'111:45 AM11:50 AM
362 **SCHJA Governor's Cup 3'0Needs 3 to fill
water & drag12:00 PM12:15 PM
331Pre-Child/Adult Equitation 2'6"8Open w/ Pre-Ch/Ad Htr
180, 181Pre-Child/Adult Hunter 2'6"1012:15 PM1:55 PM
184Pre-Child/Adult Hunter u/s91:55 PM2:05 PM
584-586Opportunity WTC12:05 PM2:15 PM
594-595Crossrails Hunter12:15 PM2:25 PM
596Crossrails Hunter u/s12:25 PM2:35 PM

Ring 3 - 7:30am

Ring Sponsor: Hassinger Equine Service

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
7Large Green Pony Htr Model57:30 AM7:40 AM
173.3Open HunterOpen w/ Divisions
8C, 9Large Green Pony Htr 2'9"57:45 AM8:20 AM
12Large Green Pony Htr u/s58:30 AM8:40 AM
1S/M Green Pony Htr Model68:45 AM8:55 AM
2C, 3S/M Green Pony Htr 2'6", 2'3"69:00 AM9:45 AM
6S/M Green Pony Hunter u/s69:55 AM10:05 AM
19S/M Pony Hunter Model1010:10 AM10:20 AM
358WIHS Pony Medal9Open w/ Reg Pony
20C, 21HS/M Pony Hunter 2'3", 2'6"1010:25 AM11:50 AM
24S/M Pony Hunter u/s1012:00 PM12:10 PM
25Large Pony Hunter Model812:15 PM12:25 PM
water & drag12:25 PM12:40 PM
26C, 27HLarge Pony Hunter 3'812:40 PM1:45 PM
30Large Pony Hunter u/s81:55 PM2:05 PM
36, 37Children's Pony Htr 2'6", 2'102:10 PM3:20 PM
40Children's Pony Hunter u/s103:20 PM3:30 PM
303Short/Long Stirrup Eq Flat63:30 PM3:40 PM
177Short/Long Stirrup Warm Up5Open w/ SS/LS
301, 302Short/Long Stirrup Eq 2'63:45 PM4:25 PM

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