Saturday, October 7, 2017

PSJ Oktoberfest & Trainers Medal

PSJ Agenda by When Do I Go?

***All Times Are Approximate***

Ring A - 8:00 AM
Class # Class Name Entries Start Time Finish Time
1.1Open Warm UpOpen Card
1, 2Pre-Green Hunter 2'3"68:00 AM8:55 AM
3Pre-Green Hunter u/s69:00 AM9:10 AM
4, 5Hopeful Hunter 2'6"79:15 AM10:20 AM
6Hopeful Hunter u/s610:25 AM10:35 AM
7, 8Green Hunter 2'9" & 3'310:40 AM11:10 AM
9Green Hunter u/s311:15 AM11:25 AM
10, 11Performance Htr 2'9",3',3'3",3'6"411:30 AM12:10 PM
12Performance Hunter u/s412:15 PM12:25 PM
5412-14 Equitation Flat312:30 PM12:40 PM
water & drag12:40 PM12:55 PM
5512-14 Equitation 2'6"312:55 PM1:05 PM
56, 57Children's Hunter 2'9"61:10 PM2:05 PM
58Children's Hunter u/s62:10 PM2:20 PM
91*BRHJA Junior Medal 3' & 2'6"42:25 PM2:35 PM
88*NCHJA Children's Medal 2'9"1Needs 4 to fill
13Adult Equitation Flat62:45 PM2:55 PM
97*BRHJA Adult Medal 2'9"4Open w/ Ad Htr
85*Veredus PSJ Adult Medal 2'9"2Needs 3 to fill
85*NCHJA Adult Medal 2'9"0Needs 4 to fill
15Adult Equitation 2'9"6Open w/ Ad Htr
15, 16Adult Hunter 2'9"43:00 PM3:55 PM
17Adult Hunter u/s43:55 PM4:05 PM
2115-17 Equitation Flat0Did not fill
2215-17 Equitation 3'0
84*Veredus PSJ Junior Medal 3'1Needs 3 to fill
23, 24Junior/Amateur Hunter 3'3"2Needs 3 to fill
25Junior/Amateur Hunter u/s2

* - association membership required

Ring B - 8:00 AM
Class # Class Name Entries Start Time Finish Time
2.1Open Warm UpOpen Card
3811 & under Equitation Flat38:00 AM8:10 AM
3911 & under Equitation 2'3"38:15 AM8:30 AM
32Short Stirrup Equitation Flat148:35 AM8:45 AM
37Short Stirrup Hunter u/s138:45 AM8:55 AM
34Short Stirrup Equitation 2'13Open w/ SS Htr
34*Veredus PSJ Mini Medal 2'5Open w/ SS/LS Htr
35, 36Short Stirrup Hunter 2'139:00 AM11:15 AM
40Long Stirrup Equitation Flat1311:20 AM11:30 AM
45Long Stirrup Hunter u/s1311:30 AM11:40 AM
water & drag11:40 AM11:55 AM
42Long Stirrup Equitation 2'13Open w/ LS Htr
43, 44Long Stirrup Hunter 2'1311:55 AM2:10 PM
46Pre-Ch/Ad Equitation Flat72:20 PM2:30 PM
50Pre-Ch/Ad Hunter u/s92:30 PM2:40 PM
47Pre-Ch/Ad Equitation 2'6"8Open w/ Pre-Ch/Ad Htr
503*Veredus PSJ Mini Medal 2'6"4Open w/ Pre-Ch/Ad Htr
48, 49Pre-Ch/Ad Hunter 2'6"82:45 PM4:05 PM
water & drag4:05 PM4:20 PM
83*Veredus PSJ Pony Mdl 2',2'3",2'9"3Open w/ Pony Htr
62, 63Pony Hunter 2', 2'3", 2'9"84:20 PM5:45 PM
64Pony Hunter u/s85:50 PM6:00 PM
90*NCHJA Pony Medal 2,2'3",2'9"0Did not fill
course change/water & drag
500Oktoberfest Trainers Medal6:30 PM

* - association membership required

Covered Ring - 8:30 AM
Class # Class Name Entries Start Time Finish Time
68Leadline0Needs 1 to fill
69Walk-Trot u/s78:30 AM8:35 AM
70Walk-Trot Pleasure78:35 AM8:40 AM
71Walk-Trot Equitation78:40 AM8:45 AM
72Walk-Trot Canter u/s88:45 AM8:55 AM
73Walk-Trot Canter Pleasure78:55 AM9:05 AM
74Walk-Trot Canter Equitation79:05 AM9:15 AM
78Pessoa Crossrails Equitation Flat139:20 AM9:30 AM
82Pessoa Crossrails Hunter u/s139:30 AM9:40 AM
79.1Pessoa Crossrails Warm Up 18"9Open w/ Htrs
79Pessoa Crossrails Equitation 18"13Open w/ Htrs
80, 81Pessoa Crossrails Hunter 18"139:45 AM11:55 AM
course change/water & drag12:00 PM12:15 PM
course walk12:15 PM12:20 PM
300Hopeful Jumper 0.75m II.1312:20 PM12:35 PM
course walk12:35 PM12:40 PM
301Hopeful Jumper 0.75m II.2b312:45 PM1:00 PM
course walk1:00 PM1:05 PM
3370.80m Jumper II.2b21:05 PM1:15 PM
3380.80m Jumper II.10Did not fill
303Progressive Rdr Jpr 0.80m II.10Did not fill
course walk1:20 PM1:25 PM
335TB Jumper 0.85m II.111:30 PM1:35 PM
course walk1:40 PM1:45 PM
336TB Jumper 0.85m II.2b11:50 PM1:55 PM
309Low Schooling Jpr 0.90m II.2b0Did not fill
310Low Schooling Jpr 0.90m II.10Did not fill
course walk1:55 PM2:00 PM
3401.00m Jumper II.112:05 PM2:10 PM
course walk2:10 PM2:15 PM
312Ch/Ad Jumper 1.00m II.122:20 PM2:30 PM
course walk2:30 PM2:35 PM
313Ch/Ad Jumper 1.00m II.2b22:35 PM2:45 PM
course walk2:45 PM2:50 PM
315High Schooling Jpr 1.05m II.2b12:55 PM3:00 PM
course walk3:00 PM3:05 PM
316High Schooling Jpr 1.05m II.113:10 PM3:15 PM
3431.10m Jumper II.10Did not fill
318Jr/Am Jumper 1.10m II.10Did not fill
319Jr/Am Jumper 1.10m II.2b0Did not fill
321Open Jumper 1.20m II.2b0Did not fill
322Open Jumper 1.20m II.10Did not fill

Please Note - Times are ESTIMATES ONLY

  • When Do I Go? creates time estimates based on class entries received in the horse show office by 5:00 PM the day before
  • Time estimates DO NOT update throughout the show day
  • Late adds and scratches will affect time estimates
  • All times are estimates and are subject to change without notice
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - please check in often with your in-gate staff throughout the day to confirm estimated times

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