PSJ Agenda ~
Sunday, August 6, 2017 ~
PSJ Back To School

Time estimates based on number of class entries received by 5pm the prior day

*All Times Are Approximate*

***Polo Shirts Only***

A HUGE shout out to The Farm House for the first place rider bonus bucks and for sponsoring the EIS shirts that were awarded to the first person in each ring Saturday morning at the Back to School Horse Show.

Congrats go to: Ella Workman, Callie Deines, and Gillian Duffy for being prompt and helping us start off the day with a bang!!

Please visit the Farm House while you are in town.

Farm House Tack

Ring A - 8am

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
101,102Pre-Green Htr 2'3"38:00 AM8:20 AM
103Pre-Green Htr u/s48:20 AM8:30 AM
104,105Hopeful Htr 2'6"98:35 AM9:30 AM
106Hopeful Htr u/s99:30 AM9:40 AM
107,108Green Htr 2'9", 3'39:45 AM10:10 AM
109Green Htr u/s310:10 AM10:20 AM
129,130Performance Htr 2'9",3',3'3",3'6"610:25 AM11:10 AM
131Performance Htr u/s511:10 AM11:20 AM
12115-17 Equitation Flat511:25 AM11:35 AM
water & drag11:40 AM11:55 AM
12215-17 Eq 3'511:55 AM~
184**Veredus PSJ Junior Medal 3'7~12:25 PM
123,124Junior/Amateur Hunter 3'3"2Needs 3 to fill
125Junior/Amateur Htr u/s2
113Adult Eq Flat612:30 PM12:40 PM
117Adult Htr u/s712:40 PM12:50 PM
185**Veredus PSJ Adult Medal 2'9"3Open w/ Adult Htr
197**BRHJA Adult Medal 2'9"2Needs 3 to fill
189**NCHJA Adult Eq 2'9"0Needs 4 to fill
114Adult Eq 2'9"6Open w/ Adult Htr
115,116Adult Htr 2'9"712:55 PM2:10 PM

** - association membership required

Ring B - 7:00am

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
15412-14 Equitation Flat77:00 AM7:10 AM
15512-14 Equitation 2'6"77:15 AM~
191**BRHJA Junior Medal 2'6", 3'7~7:50 AM
188**NCHJA Children's Eq 2'9"0Needs 4 to fill
156,157Children's Htr 2'9"88:00 AM8:50 AM
158Children's Htr u/s88:50 AM9:00 AM
146Pre-Ch/Ad Eq Flat169:05 AM9:15 AM
150Pre-Ch/Ad Htr u/s179:15 AM9:25 AM
147Pre-Ch/Ad Eq 2'6"16Open during Division
504**Veredus PSJ Mini-Medal 2'6"6Open during Division
148,149Pre-Ch/Ad Htr 2'6"179:30 AM12:00 PM
132Short Stirrup Eq Flat1012:05 PM12:15 PM
137Short Stirrup Htr u/s1012:15 PM12:25 PM
water & drag12:25 PM12:40 PM
133Short Stirrup Eq 2'10Open during division
134**Veredus PSJ Mini-Medal 2'7Open during SS/LS
135,136Short Stirrup Htr 2'1012:40 PM2:05 PM
13811 & under Equitation Flat32:10 PM2:20 PM
13911 & under Equitation 2'3"32:25 PM2:35 PM
140Long Stirrup Eq Flat112:40 PM2:50 PM
145Long Stirrup Htr u/s102:50 PM3:00 PM
142Long Stirrup Eq 2'11Open during division
143,144Long Stirrup Htr 2'113:05 PM4:25 PM

** - association membership required

Covered Ring - 7:30am

Class #Class NameEntriesStart TimeFinish Time
169Walk-Trot u/s47:30 AM7:35 AM
170Walk-Trot Pleasure47:35 AM7:40 AM
171Walk-Trot Equitation47:40 AM7:45 AM
172Walk-Trot-Canter u/s37:45 AM7:50 AM
173Walk-Trot-Canter Pleasure37:50 AM7:55 AM
174Walk-Trot-Canter Equitation37:55 AM8:00 AM
168Leadline18:00 AM8:05 AM
178Pessoa Crossrails Eq Flat98:05 AM8:15 AM
182Pessoa Crossrails Htr u/s88:15 AM8:25 AM
179.1Pessoa Crossrails Warm Up 18"0Open during Division
179Pessoa Crossrails Eq 18"9Open during Division
180,181Pessoa Crossrails Htr 18"88:30 AM9:30 AM
course change/water & drag9:30 AM9:45 AM
302Hopeful Jpr 2'6" II.2b49:45 AM10:10 AM
course walk10:10 AM10:15 AM
304Progressive Rdr 2'6"-2'9" II.2b510:15 AM10:45 AM
course walk10:45 AM10:50 AM
305Progressive Rdr 2'6"-2'9" II.2c310:50 AM11:10 AM
course walk11:10 AM11:15 AM
337Thoroughbred Jpr 2'9" II.2c111:15 AM11:20 AM
course walk11:20 AM11:25 AM
311Low Sch Jpr 3' II.2c111:25 AM11:30 AM
course walk11:30 AM11:35 AM
314Ch/Ad Jpr 3'3" II.2c111:35 AM11:40 AM
course walk11:45 AM11:50 AM
400Ch/Ad Jpr Classic 3'3" II.2ab211:50 AM12:05 PM
course walk12:10 PM12:15 PM
317High Sch Jpr 3'6" II.2c112:15 PM12:20 PM

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2017 PSJ Back To School

2017 PSJ Back To School